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the crash of the incredible monkey

happened as she joyfully fell down the stairs of the castle. it was a terrible thing to see her dying inside as if small, fuzzy animals had surrounded her breath with lime. white noise surrounds us all on the day of our birth and the incredible monkey was no stranger to sound. one could say quite the opposite: the incredible monkey’s voice was one of the most favored jewels of the kingdom. alas, she fell as the monkey crashed into one of its habitual sonatas in C minor. tragedy should not be mistaken for fame as monotonous linger should never replace the laughter of the king. so it was that opposites attracted each other, spinning into loss of control, because the self is never the other, except for when synaesthesia kicks in and in the general confusion you can easily mistake your toe for someone else’s head and your voice for the walls of a castle high in the skies.

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