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“I tell you, my heart split in two. But the knave soon stuck itself together again. You must have seen those sails with red, yellow and black patches, sewn with thick twine, which never tear even in the roughest storms. Well, that’s what my heart’s like. Umpteen holes, and umpteen patches: it need fear nothing more!”

And there he goes, for the last time:

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let there be rock

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“True, many of these groups engage in protest, but what is interesting is how different (and internally coherent) each protest is. To explain all these teen subcultures as the same act of protest is to generalize just when we need to be particularizing. It is to sacrifice the ethnographically illuminating for the glib larger truth.”

“Subculturile opereaza o dezordine semantica; sunt ceea ce Mary Douglas ar numi opusul “curateniei”, la fel ca in miturile primitive, in care pronuntarea gresita a unor cuvinte sau folosirea gresita a limbii sunt considerate aberatii capabile sa starneasca furia si stihiile naturii.”

cui pe cui scoate

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Cercetatori spanioli, plecati la una mica in pauza de masa,  au ajuns la concluzia ca alcoolul protejeaza femeile de dementa. Deci, data viitoare cand te intorci acasa in 4 labe, cu privirea tulbure si jucausa si camasa scoasa din pantaloni si pe ea o apuca crizele de picior ca stransoarea paianjenului fumuriu, merita sa-i spui: vezi, mami, ca nu ne intelegem daca nu te protejezi?

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hardcore gheba

May 25, 2010 2 comments

ba, dau o petrecere sambata viitoare, veniti?

misto, da ce muzica pui?

pai, hardcore gheba (?!?).

pai si ce formatii vin, ba?

nu e, ma, cu formatii, e cu muzica electronica din asta industriala la 180-200 de bepemeuri.

aha, zice mihaita, daca veneai si tu un hardcore Petrisor poate veneam.

hardcore gheba? vrei hardcore gheba? na, ca nu te mai satura dumnezeu!

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te vorbeste lumea rea, ca esti sexi si a mea!

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vreau sa va zic ca ii apreciez foarte mult pe cei trei oameni care dau click pe pagina asta zilnic, stiti voi care sunteti, dar mi-ar placea tare mult sa-l cunosc pe flacaul (sau duduia) care a ajuns aici cu searchul “gogoasa porno”…

deci: care ai dat searchul cu gogoasa porno lasa-mi un mesaj cu mailul (nu o sa apara pe front page) si hai la o bere sa vorbim despre langosile usuratice din ferentari!

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the crash of the incredible monkey

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happened as she joyfully fell down the stairs of the castle. it was a terrible thing to see her dying inside as if small, fuzzy animals had surrounded her breath with lime. white noise surrounds us all on the day of our birth and the incredible monkey was no stranger to sound. one could say quite the opposite: the incredible monkey’s voice was one of the most favored jewels of the kingdom. alas, she fell as the monkey crashed into one of its habitual sonatas in C minor. tragedy should not be mistaken for fame as monotonous linger should never replace the laughter of the king. so it was that opposites attracted each other, spinning into loss of control, because the self is never the other, except for when synaesthesia kicks in and in the general confusion you can easily mistake your toe for someone else’s head and your voice for the walls of a castle high in the skies.

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20 Iulie

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de la catei citire

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Merge pentru mahmureala, zi proasta la serviciu,

dubii gen ce caut eu in viata mea

and it sure impresses the babes!

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I said what, what…

May 14, 2010 2 comments

while hippies are somewhat disposable due to their pot smoking, passive aggressive tree hugging while I write poetry ways, it is yuppies which we should hunt down to the very last all stars wearing, head up his ass, I’ve got a strong, personal opinion on everything bastard!

It is the duty of every man, woman and child to support the war efforts against yuppies! Do your part: kill at least one yuppy a day and make the world a safer place!

Die, yuppy, die!