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super frog saves tokyo

“One might also say that I am the total sum of all frogs.  Nonetheless, this does nothing to change the fact that I am a frog.  Anyone claiming that I am not a frog would be a dirty liar.  I would smash such a person to bits!”

Frog fell silent watching Katagiri and waiting until his words had sunk in.  Then he went on:“Please don’t misunderstand me, though.  I feel no personal animosity toward Worm.  I don’t see him as the embodiment of evil.  Not that I would want to be his friend, either: I just think that as far as the world is concerned, it is, in a sense, all right for a being like him to exist.  The world is like a great big overcoat, and it needs pockets of various shapes and sizes.  But right at the moment, Worm has reached the point where he is too dangerous to ignore.  With all the different kinds of hatred he has absorbed and stored inside himself over the years, his heart and body have swollen to gargantuan proportions—bigger than ever before.  And to make matters worse, last month’s Kobe earthquake shook him out of the deep sleep he was enjoying.  He experienced a revelation inspired by his profound rage: It was time now for him, too, to cause a massive earthquake, and he’d do it here, in Tokyo.  I know what I’m talking about, Mr. Katagiri: I have received reliable information on the timing and scale of the earthquake from some of my best bug friends.”

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